Food supplement, 60 capsules 

A well-developed complex for normal prostate and urinary track functions.

Healthy prostate and urinary tract function is inseparable from the quality of life of every man. With age, due to impaired function of the prostate, men may begin to suffer from increased difficulty in urination or impaired sexual potency.

Prostogent+ contains the African prune bark and Palmetto-Palme fruit extracts, which help to maintain normal prostate and urinarion function, pumpkin seeds, which help to maintain a healthy prostate. Palmetto-Palme fruit extract also supports the normal reproductive function and the peak urinary flow. Food supplement also contains vitamin E, which helps to protect cells from the damaging effects of the environment and zinc, which helps to maintain normal blood levels of testosterone, normal fertility and reproduction, also normal hair condition.

Prostogent+ is balanced combination of herbal extracts for men, which supports the prostate and urinary tract functions, increase testosterone levels in the blood and improves the condition of hair (reduces hair loss).

EFSA claims available:

  • To protect cells from oxidative stress helps vitamin E.
  • Zinc helps to maintain normal fertility and reproduction, normal testosterone levels in the blood and helps to maintain normal hair condition.

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Take 1 capsule 2 times daily with a glass of water.