Next Generation Osteoarthritis Treatment

HYALSTERO® is a unique single-injection treatment proven to safely and effectively treat the pain and certain symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA). HYALSTERO® combines two well-established treatments in a single injection, providing the benefits of both an approved corticosteroid and a proprietary high concentration cross-linked hyaluronic acid formulation. HYALSTERO® is a simple treatment performed by a health care professional during an in-office visit.
The corticosteroid reduces inflammation in the joint, providing rapid pain relief within days of injection, while the hyaluronic acid component works in parallel to deliver long lasting pain relief proven to last through 6 months.

How it works

Joints affected by osteoarthritis typically have lower concentrations of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid, the thick liquid that helps cushion and lubricate the joint. As a result, the synovial fluid in osteoarthritic joints has lower viscosity and elasticity than healthy synovial fluid, decreasing its ability to lubricate the joint and absorb shocks. Viscosupplements are hyaluronic acid (HA)-based products designed to supplement the body’s natural HA, providing significant long term pain relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis.



• Proven to be safe and effective
• Provide increased mobility and enhanced joint protection
• Long lasting pain relief demonstrated to last at least through six months
• Help to delay total knee replacement surgery up to 3 or more years
• Improve viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid
• Protect the surface of articular cartilage
• Well established: used for more than 25 years for the treatment of OA pain
• Steroids work by providing rapid pain relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reducing inflammation.


• Reduce pain quickly, allowing earlier motion
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Used for over 45 years for the treatment of OA pain


• Hyaluronic Acid 80 mg
• Triamcinolone 10 mg