Food supplement, 60 hard capsules

Combination of damiana, epimedium, ginkgo and other herbs for women libido.

Women face lack of sexual desire more often than men. This can be caused by psychological or physical issues. The most common of them are:
• Hormones fluctuations;
• Relationship issues;
• Tension;
• Tiredness;
• Changes in lifestyle;
• Usage of medications or alcohol;
• Pregnancy;
• Menopause.

Loss of sexual desire, known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women of all ages. Because loss in sex desire is a complex treatment should be complex as well. Potential treatment options may include:
• Relationship counselling/ or sex therapy;
• Changing medications or dosage, if problem was caused by certain medicaments;
• Boosting libido with herbal extracts;
• Exercising;
• Healthy diet.

Femex contains damiana extract which contributes to good sexual appetite. Many consider its leaf a highly-prized libido enhancer. Flavonoids, phenolics, glycosides, terpenoids, and even caffeine all contribute to reduced feelings of stress and increased blood flow, particularly to the pelvic area where increased sensitivity leads to heightened stimulation. Epimedium helps to stimulate libido. This extract – also called horny goat weed and behind this name lies a serious herb, a genuine sex – enhancer, a time tested aphrodisiac. Ginkgo extract well known for its blood flow maintenance. Good blood flow is important for both men and women.

Femex – perfectly balanced combination of herbal extracts for sexual appetite, libido and blood flow.

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Directions: take 2 capsule daily with a glass of water.